Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hello everyone!
This last P-day we went to a volcano! And it is still active so it is under surveillance at all times. After the volcano we went over to a Pagoda that was near by. There are thousands and thousands of places that are incredible that people have not yet discovered. It is unbelievable how beautiful is is here in Manado.
After a hard day's work in Manado, we are dead tired and ready for sleep at 10:30. The other night I was sleeping and one of the Elders heard me sleep talking. I said," hati hati di belakang," and then I said,"Be careful behind you." haha so I said some words in Indonesian and then I translated it into English! I will sleep talk once in a while and it is always in Indonesian. So hopefully it means my language is improving. We met with Tante A today. she just quit her job and said she wants to find the Lord! She quit her job so she could go to church and meet with the missionaries again. She hasn't learned from the Elders in about a year! She is prepared now. The Lord is hearing my prayers to help us find and talk to people who are prepared to hear the gospel.
The other day I ate sardines and dog. Dog is actually not too bad. It just tastes like meat, but chewy and a little grainy. I have had it a couple times before according to the other missionaries, but I tried it on purpose this time and it wasn't half bad.
President Donald came to Manado today and he strengthened us a lot! The progress in this area is booming and the work is moving forward. I am so grateful for all the amazing leaders in our church. They are truly inspired by God and I love to hear from them.
My companion, Elder Taulu, will be transferred soon to Jakarta. He is going to be assistant president. So that means I will have a new companion in the next couple of weeks as well. I am excited, but nervous at the same time to teach my new companion. I will have to know all the routes and where everyone lives. I will also have to teach him the Manadonese language. Indonesia has a ton of different languages and they are completely different. He will be confused at first having to learn Manadonese, but I know he will be just fine and learn it quick. They mix Indonesian and Manadonese in their speech so I will have to teach him, even if he is a native Indonesian. The Lord will help me and I know that faith power works wonders in our lives.
Thank you for your emails and I hope you have a wonderful start of the Christmas season.
Elder Litster

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