Sunday, March 16, 2014


This week went by so quick! We were very busy this week teaching English classes, teaching investigators, and interviewing people for baptisms, and going to the hospital for a check up and a little surgery. My companion went and got a bump removed from his leg at the hospital, but he is doing great and has no problems. We traveled 4 hours this week to an investigator's home to interview her for baptism. She has been learning with the sister missionaries for a month. When we got near her home, we took off our shoes and socks and then rolled up our pants so we could walk through the water to her home. We got to her home to find that it was flooded up to almost our knees! I waited outside the door with the sisters while Elder McCleary interviewed her. Everything went well and she was ready for baptism. On Sunday I had the privilege of baptizing her and it was an incredible day. She has so much faith and I know she will be a strong member of this church. 


Elder Litster

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


My new area has been awesome and my new companion is great! I love the people here and the Jakarta ward. The ward is so big and the members are so strong. There are many return missionareis and people ready to go out on missions soon as well.

Elder McCleary is an awesome companion and we worked hard to find new investigators this last week. He's from Utah and played basketball for BYU Hawaii before the mission. He also taught me how to juggle one night when we got home!  

This week we taught a Muslim man and it was very cool to see what he believes and why he wants to learn from us. We find a lot of people looking for the truth. And I am so happy to share a message with them about the truth we have in this restored gospel. I know this gospel is true and I am happy to be a representative of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Litster