Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hello Family and Friends!

There is still no snow in Manado, just rain. Tons of rain! The streets flood and everyone all of a sudden disappears. I think they go inside buildings.

Saturday night we were really busy and did not have time to get food for SundayOn Sunday after church we were starving! We had no food the whole day except for a couple snacks that we had to scrounge from the house. Our rice was gone because one of the elder's dropped their phone in the gutter and he asked if he could put it in the rice. So we let him use the last of our food to try and fix his phone. All of our appointments fell through while Elder Taulu and I were planning in our home for the next week. So we had no idea what to do! We prayed for help. Around 6:00 pm, right before we were done planning, we got a phone call from an investigator who never can meet with us. I have never met with her before. She said to come over to her house right now. We finished planning and went straight over there. She immediately told us to eat! There was a huge feast and her whole family was there! There was tons of rice, chicken, fish, pork, vegetables, cookies, crackers, pepsi, water, and beans! We were so so grateful to her. We asked her, how did you know we haven't ate any food at all today? We were so grateful to her and her kindness to us. The Lord fed us when we were hungry and answered our prayers. After we finished eating, she invited us to get to know her whole family. So we talked to them for a while and told them that we were missionaries and that we share a message about church, gospel, Book of Mormon, and families. They said to come back again soon and possibly this week again! Spiritual seeds were planted in them and also physical seeds were planted in us. haha I am so grateful to the Lord for His protection over us and the food He provided us through this kind investigator,  

Christmas here is amazing! I took some pictures of what it's like. There is no snow, just a ton of rain. Here's a picture of the rain outside our home. The people here have Christmas devotionals every day at someone's house and they feast together and read the Bible together. Their lives revolve around their religion and their faith. It is so different than having our faith revolve around our lives. Christ should be at the center of our lives and then we would not have to worry about our next meal, our job, our circumstances, or anything. If we seek for the kingdom of God first, everything else will be added upon us. ( Jacob 2) I am so grateful for the Lord and the blessings we have received here in Manado. 

There is going to be a baptism next week! We are excited and are preparing for it this week. Thanks you for all your love and support and your letters. 


Elder Litster

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