Monday, August 25, 2014

Bakso (meatball soup)

The irod rod!

a Papuan family we met with out in Salatiga

Another giant lizard called a Tokek that we caught. It got in our room and we couldn't sleep with that huge lizard on our wall! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Here is a star fruit and dragon fruit that we had one night. Quality.

We caught a lizard with a huge tail! Fish on fish on!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

"The Lord will provide a way when there is no way."

I have always believed this quote throughout my life and my mission, but this last week I had many miracles given to me by the Lord. 

Every missionary experiences days where they are scheduled for a super busy day, and then all of their appointments fall through and nobody can meet and they have nothing to do. 

My companion and I had a couple of those kind of days this last week. One day in particular, we went to a new member's home and then we had no plans at all besides proselyting the rest of the day. Everybody in the whole city left to go back home to their home towns. They do this every year around fasting month. Nobody could meet with us this whole week. My companion and I had no idea what to do as we went out on our bikes into the city. My companion wanted to take a quick pit stop at the church to go to the bathroom, so we went there. While he was in the bathroom, I got a text from an investigator and he said he was in town. I asked him if he could meet at the church with us and he came! We had a great lesson on the Law of Chastity and found out that he is doing a lot better on keeping the Word of Wisdom. We were really happy about that. 

After this lesson, we still had nothing to do so we decided to ride out bikes down one of the main roads here in Semarang. As we were riding down the lonely road, a man on a motorcycle honked at us and we looked over to see that it was one of our ex-investigators. He invited us to come over to his house and we happily went straight there. We taught him about Charity from Moroni chapter 7 and he received it really well and wants to come back and learn with us again. He knows this church is true. 

The next miracle happened almost immediatley after we left our investigator's home. We got a text from a sister in the ward who's family is part-member. She told us to come on over tonight! We were amazed! As we were heading over there, we noticed some dark clouds above us. My companion said it is going to rain super hard in a minute or two and that we should just head home. So we texted the member and rescheduled with them for tomorrow. It then began to start raining super hard and the streets were flooded. We grabbed some food nearby where we were at and biked the rest of the way home in the flooded streets. 

The Lord provided for us with things to do the whole day. I know He did this for us because He loves us and because we put in the faith to go out and work, even when there was nothing for us to do. I know the Lord loves us and will bless us if we are obedient to His word. "Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ never force obedience because obedience must be chosen." I am grateful for His plan for me and the plan of salvation for all of His children.

Love, Elder Litster