Sunday, November 24, 2013

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving this week!
Here is a part of my week from my journal:
We were up in Koha today and visited a couple families. We taught about the temple and ordinances. We taught about baptism for the dead, endowment, and eternal marriage. We testified of the joy and happiness that all can receive who go to the house of the Lord. The presence of God is in His holy temples. I have felt it and cannot deny it. After teaching the lesson, I realized how great of a blessing it is to have a temple 15 minutes from my house. I knew it was a blessing, but now I am forever grateful to the Lord for the temple so close to my home. 
  Brother A had tears in his eyes during the lesson and we could tell the spirit was testifying to him about the eternal blessings his family could receive. We shared a quote from President Kimball. "Any of you would go around the world for the sealing ordinance if you knew its importance, if you realized how great it is. No distance, no shortage of funds, not situation would ever keep you from being married in the Holy temple of the Lord." I pray so hard for a temple in Indonesia one day. I can't wait to see that great day.
A guy today asked about our church. He asked us about our missionary work. We told him we are full time missionaries. We work hard every day all day to spread the gospel of the Lord. I gave him and his friend a pass along card. They laughed at us. That is the missionary life. People may laugh, scorn, and mock us. But we are not ashamed. Like in Romans, We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. this gospel is true and there is no place I would rather be than here. I have great joy, more than I have ever felt in my life. These are His people and now my people. I love them and pray for their welfare. we missionaries are servants of the Lord and the medium by which they may receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Elder Litster

Sorry I will send pictures next week! I ran out of time!

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