Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello from Manado! 

Manado is truly amazing! The people, the food, the different language, and my new companion are all awesome! It is so beautiful here and tropical. It is paradise! The people are so kind and loving here. Manado is this city on the tip of the island Sulawesi. It is really close to the Philippines. Everybody is Christian here for the most part and there are churches on every street corner! This week we went to a member's house to visit them who lived pretty close to a volcano! I saw it go off too! It was so cool! The volcano is active and so is the member. haha On p day we went to a waterfall! It is so amazing here in Manado! It's really hard to describe Indonesia. The people are so great, the traffic is crazy, but perfect, the angkot/taxis play loud music and have flashing lights, the ocean and all the islands are beautiful, and everyone is poor and happy. It's a great place to live and everybody is so patient, loving, and hardworking.

My companion is fantastic! He always serves me and works so hard! I want to be as good of a missionary as he is someday. We work hard every day, but we have fun. Missionary work is so awesome. This last week, we invited some investigators to church and they came! I was so happy to see them there! The branch here is so cool! The building is right next to the ocean and the ocean is so beautiful. 

Every time I bear my testimony, I always get a reconfirmation that this church is true. I challenge you to bear your testimony more often about the simple truths that you cherish. I am so grateful for the spirit. The spirit has led my companionship so many times here in Manado already. We can do nothing without the God head and I truly believe this. I am so grateful for God's hand in my life. 


Elder Litster

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