Friday, August 23, 2013

August 22, 2013

Hello family and friends!

Life in the MTC has been getting better and better! I'm over halfway done now and time is just flying by so fast. I am so grateful to family and friends who mailed me and for their love and support. I am always so happy to hear from you all, and I'll do my best to write back!

So a few things happened this week. One of my mock investigators is a Korean girl from a small town just outside of Seoul. It's fun to think I'm teaching a Korean. Turns out, almost all of the kids in my district had Korean friends growing up and know a couple Korean words! My companion and I are getting along better than ever. We are working hard and the language is gradually coming along. I said this before, but he honestly has the gift of tongues and it is definitely a great blessing from the Lord. I really love him and his example of hard work and diligence. 

I was able to see Elder Zach Tubbs and Elder Jordan Hicks today! Elder Tubbs is from my old ward before I moved and Elder Hicks is from my new ward. They are going to the same mission! It was really good to see both of them and they are loving it here. They were leaving to Minneapolis the next day so I was lucky to see them before they left. I was also able to see some more of my friends from back home at the Tuesday devotional. I added some pictures of them for you all to see. 

The other day an Elder in my district got really sick and was throwing up constantly. He asked for a blessing and I had the honor of participating. I was so happy to be able to magnify my Melchizedek priesthood and was able to anoint the oil on his head. One of the other Elder's gave a powerful blessing after. I felt the presence of the Lord's power in the room. The spirit was strong and we were united more as a district that day. The next day, the sick Elder was all better and he was able to exercise and work. I testify that through priesthood, we are able to be blessed and that through it, we are able to see the Lord's power manifested unto us. I feel so blessed to be around these great Elders and Sisters in my district. We are united and are doing our best. I pray that we will always be worthy of the sacred privilege of having the priesthood. I also pray that we will have strong faith in it's power. 

The Lord has blessed me a lot the past 3 weeks. I gained about 15 pounds here at the MTC! Crazy! I was pretty happy about that. All the Elder's gained about 10-15, but the sister's only gained maybe 4 pounds at the most.  We are guaranteed to lose the weight in Indonesia, so I might as well gain as much weight as I can, right? I've The food is really great here and I've been doing my best to work out with one of the other Elder's in my apartment every day so I don't get too chubby. 

I'm loving it here and I know this is the Lord's work! 


Elder Litster

We try to stay healthy and eat cherries once in a while.
Where we study at West Campus

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