Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello everyone! 

Have you ever had ants in your pants?! This morning I was hanging up laundry and I looked down and and saw all these giant red ants on my feet and then I felt something bite my leg! I ran inside screaming "ants in my pants! Ants in my pants!" Inilah kehidupan misionaris. This is the missionary life. haha 

If this week can get any better, I will be a missionary for the rest of my life if I could! We reached our goal and then surpassed it this week! It was incredible and a new record for my companion. We had 0 lessons at the first of the week, and then God blessed us with a bunch for the rest of the week! We always have lessons planned, but most fall through. a bunch fell through this week, but we got a ton of opportunities to teach and serve new people. I am so grateful. I truly believe that God is answering our prayers and blessing us for fasting last week. Out of all the lessons this week, my favorite was with this big priest. usually he won't listen to us and he will just talk and quote the bible the whole time. So today we switched it up on him and watched Finding Faith In Christ. He still talked and quoted a million Bible scriptures, but when we got near the last 10 minutes, he was silent and cried as well. The spirit was strong in the room. It was a miracle! 

So our investigator who lives around the corner from the big priest told us a story. The big priest, who normally doesn't like us and tells everyone to never listen to us, went over to our investigator's house and talked about us with her.  They told her to receive the missionaries and their lessons! They told of their son who works on a ship in America. There son told them that there are Mormons on the ship and that they are good people with strong morals. 
The people on the ship see our church member's good example and it is affecting our missionary work here! I am so grateful to the strong members who live by example the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We pray so hard for the work here, and I have especially prayed hard to see the fruits of our labor. And God has heard our cries. We had 7 investigators at church this week and a bunch of inactive members come as well! We are being rewarded for our efforts. I just wish are branch would be re"ward"ed too. haha (I wish our branch would become a ward) 

I am so happy that God is letting us see the fruit of our labors. I testify that He hears our cries. They are not in vain. We are His children and He is guiding those who obey His commandments. Humility, patience, and diligence is key in the work of a missionary.

Elder Litster

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