Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello everyone!
       Today marks the first day here at the MTC. The Spirit here is incredible! There is this light coat of the Spirit painted over us here. I can feel the Spirit constantly and so can my companions. It's been amazing to feel like this all of the time. I know that everyone who have experienced the MTC has felt this same way too.  My companion's name is Elder Parker David Hall. He is from Layton, Utah. He is an awesome Elder who is hard working. He literally has the gift of tongues and it astounds me every day. He is a good example to me and keeps me working hard. The language is coming along and we have been teaching almost everyday in Indonesian.  I reckon we have the coolest zone in the MTC here at West Campus. My zone consists of the Indonesia, Malaysia ,Armenian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, and Madagascar missions. Our Indo district is the smallest of them all though. The apartment is awesome. It has couches, a fridge, desks, a bathroom and two big bedrooms. The Elders that my companion and I share a dorm with are awesome. One is from Bountiful, Utah and the other is from Hamilton, New Zealand. It's been really fun here. We also have an Elder from Perth, Australia who has the exact same birthday as me!  He is also half Asian. I uploaded a picture with all of the half Asians in my zone, of course. It's been really cool to see where everyone is from and where they are serving in the world. My Zone President is Elder and Sister Parrish from American Fork! It was cool to know they love American Fork and know a lot of people around there. At the devotional on Tuesday I was able to meet up and see all the Elders in the main campus. It was great to see all of them and how they are doing! I'm loving it here at West Campus and we get a lot of freedom. We walk a lot outside and we can even go out to main campus, the temple, and Brigham's Landing out in the public to buy food and hang out on P-days. I guess we came here at the perfect time because the new bookstore and cafeteria just opened. The food here is fantastic and we can eat as much as we want! Mom, I sent a picture of the red potatoes I eat here almost every single day. I know you'll be happy that I'm eating them because they "cure cancer" right? Haha I am hoping to gain a little weight here before I go out to Indonesia and lose it all. I've learned so much here at the MTC. I also saw Steven! My cousin Kristy's friend! He was translating for a Korean girl who just got baptized due to being taught by the MTC missionaries! It was good to see a familiar face, even if it was my cousin's friend!
         The first day I got here they sent us out to teach investigators that are members and also nonmembers. We teach with a group of 30 or so each investigator. I sat there quitely and 2 of the 3 investigators called me out. The first was a Japanese guy who said I looked like I could be Japanese. The second was a man who was from Mexico. He was really harsh and critical of us. He had a child that was born 4 weeks early that I could sense he worried about. He told us that he can't trust us and believe what we say because we don't understand him and his situation. I think he was a real investigator. He was seriously angry. Then he stood up and looked at me and called me out saying, "why are you so quiet?" I told him I was just listening to him with the other missionaries. He asked me what I was thinking about. A,,l of a sudden, I was completely overwhelmed by the Spirit stronger than I have every felt before. I related to him a story about when I was born five weeks early and then I bore my testimony that God loves us and that God will extend his hand and provide miracles and comfort if we trust in Him. It touched the man's heart. He was crying real hard and so was I. I was really surprised that that happened the first day and that the Spirit could actually feel that strong. I want to bear testimony that a missionary's purpose is to invite others to Christ. I felt that as I taught this Hispanic man. I know that the gospel is true and that we need to bring others unto Christ. Missionary work is so important and it is one of the greatest things we can do. I love the gospel and I know the church is true.
Elder Isaac Litster

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