Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We worked hard this week and got a bunch of new people to teach. One of the little boys in the ward just turned 8. When he was getting ready to get baptized, he asked that I baptize him! I was very surprised! I guess he really likes me and he is a cool little guy. He reminds me a lot of Joseph. I was thinking recently about how I would miss out on Joe's baptism. It made me a little sad to not be able to see joe get baptized, but God was very merciful or very very kind to me and gave me the privilege of baptizing this little boy named Wisnu. His dad is still Muslim, but his siblings still are active members of the church along with this mom. The power of God is truly manifested in ordinances.

10 random facts for the week:

1. I found and then smashed a tarantula that was creeping around my desk.
2. We ate horse on a stick and it may be my favorite meat I have ever had now. (Gangnam Style)
3. I saw a big passenger plane in the middle of the mountains while proselyting.
4. My companion and I bought some Batik shirts that were pretty cool and very cheap.
5. It talks about the Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ) in the Al Qoran 97 times.
6. Wisnu's mom thought I was full Korean and didn't know any English
7. An investigator of ours tried to force us to drink tea, but we declined until he gave us water. 
8. I am a professional egg cooker now thanks to Elder Chou
9. My favorite investigator that I haven't seen in a while is wanting to meet with us again.
10. Rainy season is coming around now and we got super drenched in the pouring rain the other day and got many stares as we unmounted our bikes and walked into the supermarket in shirt and tie.

Love Elder Litster

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