Monday, October 13, 2014


Hey Everyone! 

Serving in Indonesia gets better each and every day! Training my new companion is super cool and it feels like just yesterday that I was being trained by my beloved trainer, Elder Taulu. Elder Taulu just went home a couple weeks ago to Jakarta. We have been experiencing many miracles as we are working with the investigators in our area. Rainy season is coming up soon and supposedly it floods often in our area! I hope you all had the opportunity to watch conference! I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet of the Lord. I am grateful for the many revelations and guidance that he gives for my life. I testify that if we follow the prophet, we will never go astray. 

Love, Elder Litster

Here's a little excerpt from Elder Chou, my new companion's, writings: 

THEN, on Tuesday, Elder Jones and Elder Martoyo found a rat in the backyard and trapped it under a bucket, so me and Elder Litster came out to help. :) So then Elder Martoyo was sitting on the bucket to hold it down and we were trying to figure out how to kill it, so we had the bright idea to get some "Hit!" poison for bugs and sprayed a bunch of it through the crack on the side of the bucket, haha.  So then it stopped making noise so we thought it was dead and then it freaked out again! So then we had an even smarter idea and got Elder Jones's lighter! So Elder Martoyo lit it and put it up to the gas/poison stuff on the side of the bucket and it basically exploded in flames while Elder Martoyo was sitting on it! Hahaha :O Then, we thought for sure it was dead because there was still fire leaking out the side of the bucket, but then all of a sudden the rat burst out of the crack and ran away along the side of our house, hahaha, it was soooo crazy! :D Then later that night, around11 pm, all the power for our whole neighborhood went out, so it got suuuper hot and I was sweating buckets, haha, so we all went out to the living room and had a hati ke hati (heart to heart) until 1 am the next morning when the power came back on! That was pretty fun :)

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