Sunday, May 25, 2014

This last Fast Sunday was awesome. God always answers our prayers and is helping us with our missionary efforts. We went to English ward this morning and the we went and greeted the Indonesian members as they came in until their 10:00 meeting sacrament meeting started. Part way through the meeting, an older man came in and sat down near the front of the congregation. After fast and testimony meeting, my companion and I went and talked to this man. he explained to us that he had come in contact with the Bekasi Elders and he got a pass along card from them. He lives closer to the Jakarta South building so he came here for church. He also told us that he is Buddhist. We were very surprised to hear that! There is only tiny population of 0.05% people who are Buddhist in Jakarta!  The majority is 95% Islam. He joined Buddhism while he was in Japan for 6 years doing college. he is planning on going to America next year and he wants to learn about Mormons and join the Mormon church in America. After the three hours of church were over, we taught him about the Godhead. Having a Buddhist background, we had to go slowly as we taught about who God is and how Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. We were happy to find out that he believes in God and that he prays to Him every night while doing meditation. We asked if God ever answers his prayers. he said often times He does answer his prayers by helping him to know when to choose right or wrong in decisions he must make. We then identified to him the role of the Holy Ghost in giving us guidance in our lives. At the end of the lesson we asked if he knew hot to pray and if he could close the meeting with a prayer. He told us he doesn't know how to pray to God properly. He had us write down how to pray and we showed him a pamphlet as well that teaches how to pray. He was still a little nervous about it so Elder McCleary invited me to pray first and then he could pray afterwards. He agreed. After I prayed, he said his prayer and thanked our Father in Heaven and then asked that he will be able to meet Mormons in America next year. After the meeting we made a return appointment for Wednesday evening this week.
We also painted a members home this week, fixed a couple leaks in member's homes and had our house smoked out for mosquito season coming up.

Elder Litster

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