Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hello everyone!

This last week we worked hard to teach our new investigators. It's always nice to start up on a new batch of people. It's very exciting to teach new people and hear about what they have experience in life. I have learned a lot from other people's past experiences. There is always something we can learn from each person that we come in contact with. Whether it be a friend or an acquaintance, or even an enemy. We just have to find it. We can learn a lesson from every person we meet. 

We have a lot of investigators who are either Muslim or Adventist here in Jakarta. It's really cool to hear each of their beliefs and how they worship God. 

I amazed by the goodness and charity of the members here in Jakarta every single week. They are so strong and faithful. I love working with the members and hearing about how they were converted to the gospel and how they stay strong. We had family home evening with a family last Monday night and we challenged them to give out a Book of Mormon. They accepted the challenge gladly and asked for a second one! We gave them the second one and then they asked for another! We ran out of Book of Mormons and couldn't give them anymore. I was so amazed by their faith to share the gospel. My faith was strengthened and I know that missionary work is not just for full-time missionaries, but for the members as well. Every member a missionary. It is such a blessing to have a strong ward here. 

Tuhan memberkati

Elder Litster

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