Sunday, February 16, 2014

Selamat siang semuanya!
This last week has been fantastic and we have found many new investigators to teach. I am so blessed to serve here and I love every minute of being a missionary.
We taught a new investigator and her daughter the other day. She lives up on the top of a steep hill and we are always winded by the time we get to her house. We talked to her for a little while, and she expressed that her husband had passed away 9 years ago and that she is alone here with her 40 year old daughter who has not yet married. We were prompted to teach her the Plan of Salvation. The lesson went really well. The spirit was there and we felt her heart was touched by our message. After the lesson, she told us that she has been on her knees crying to the Lord to help her in her trials. She said she prayed for help and that now servants of the Lord have come to share their message with her. She said she was very grateful to the Lord. She also told us that she doesn't care if the priest who is most popular, rich, or  have done this or have done that comes to her home. But what's important to her is that the people who come believe in Christ and have a testimony of him. I'm so grateful to go teach her and be the servant of God who is privileged to share this restored gospel with her and her daughter.
Elder Litster

By the way!
I saw a whale this week. I shucked a bunch of corn at my investigators house. I held a ton of bananas and climbed a coconut tree. And went to an amazing beach! 

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